Bristol Folk Festival is held in several different venues with varying accessibility for people with disabilities. We give a summary for each venue below, but please check with us or with the specific venue if you need any more information or have particular needs. Please contact us if you would like spaces or seats reserved, where possible, for wheelchair-users or carers.

St George’s

St George’s has a dedicated accessible entrance from Charlotte Street via a lift which provides step-free access to all of the venue with the exception of the galleries. For more information, visit the St George’s accessibility page.

Bristol Cathedral

Bristol Cathedral has an accessible entrance, and the main concert area is accessible to wheelchairs. For more information, see the accessibility page on the Bristol Cathedral website.

Bristol Folk House

Bristol Folk House is on multiple levels connected with steps, and wheelchair access is difficult. For more information, see the ‘Venue Accessibility’ section on the Folk House Contact Us page.